19 August 2010

Carnival Fantasy - Wrap-Up

I was going to do a couple more posts about this year's cruise vacation, but I didn't see any reason to drag the subject out any further. So this post is a summary of all the random thoughts I've had about this vacation and cruising in general.

--If you have never been on a cruise before, then most of the flaws I described in the previous posts probably won't be noticeable to you.

--The one aspect where the Fantasy beat the other ships we have been on was with their kids' program. Circle C and Club O2, the clubs for tweens and teens, were always packed and the staff kept the kids occupied. Unlike the first cruise my kids went on in 2008, I wasn't peppered with cries of "I'm bored!" for five days.

--I see more overweight people on cruises than I do in my everyday life. In particular, I see more obese people who need the assistance of walkers and wheelchairs to get around. Since I am uncomfortably close to 300 lbs right now myself, seeing these people struggle is a good reminder to keep up my efforts to exercise and get in better shape.

--We have taken cruises for several years in a row and we've loved them. However, this one was a little less impressive than the last ones. All of our party wanted to blame it on the ship and no one wanted to admit that we are probably getting bored with cruising. I'm not saying I will never take another cruise, but I will be taking some time over the next few months to research other options that are around the same price as a cruise.

For my reader who requested photos: we didn't really take many photos on this trip. All the photos that are representative of what a cruise ship looks like are from a couple years ago. If you want to see them, visit ABM's Flickr page.
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