23 September 2010

And the dithering goes on

A friend of mine is having her first baby and the shower is in 10 days. True to form, I let time get away from me and haven't started knitting anything for the baby. Since I haven't done much knitting at all in the past several months, I've been looking all over the house trying to find yarn and patterns and needles. You see, whenever ABM goes on one of his clutter rampages ("We're turning into one of those families on Hoarders!"), I tuck my supplies away so neatly that I have trouble finding them when I want to use them. After two evening of searching, I found suitable yarn and a few of my missing needles, but a folder of vintage baby knitting patterns is still missing.

This is where the dithering comes in. Since I couldn't find the pattern I had in mind here at the house, I went online to find something I would be happy with. Those who have been shopping with me know how much trouble I have making up my mind. I vacillate so much that ABM doesn't even come in the store with me any more. Well, looking for patterns online is that experience magnified. Never mind that I only have 10 days to start and finish a gift and I am a slow knitter. My MO is to keep searching and searching until I practically run out of time. My hope is that by typing this I will come to my senses and just cast something on tonight.
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