22 September 2010

Didn't even let the bees get me down

As part of my renewed commitment to fitness, last week I started doing laps around the block on my lunch break at work. It is slow going right now because we're still having 90-degree days in NC, but I take my water bottle and soldier on. Yesterday I only did one lap, so today I was determined to get back to two laps. I made it through the first lap and started the second when several bees decided to keep me company. I normally keep my calm around bees but there was one that freaked me out because it kept hovering near the bridge of my nose! I couldn't sidestep it or anything -- it stayed right with me. Since I was still close to my office, I thought about abandoning the second lap and going inside to get away from the bee. However, I felt like I had enough energy to take the second lap without struggling like I usually do and I didn't want to waste it. I kept going and luckily the bee lost interest in me.

Why did I post this? Because I'm trying to pat myself on the back for small victories, hoping that this will keep me going. I had several good reasons not to walk today: I only got five hours of sleep, the heat outside is almost suffocating, and then the bees starting chasing me. In the past, I would have grabbed at any one of these excuses and skipped the walk. I'm proud of myself for pushing through.

Oh, and in case you were wondering why the bees wanted to be my friend, it was my fault. I use a product to moisturize my hair that contains extracts of all sorts of plants and flowers such as hyssop, comfrey, and sage. Bees and wasps seem to love the stuff! I need to remember to save this spray for winter.
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