27 October 2010

This week's fitness contest: jumping jacks

Although I do not possess a chest of porn-star proportions, my bosom is still too well-endowed to do jumping jacks comfortably. My tightest sports bra didn't keep me from feeling like I was about to slap myself in the face with my nunga-nungas. So you won't be surprised to hear that I came in 5th place in this week's fitness contest, with only 29 reps.

This week's winner was M, with 84 reps. I must say I was surprised. She isn't athletic; the only exercise she gets is in marching band and in front of the Wii. I guess she really wanted this week's prize: a six-pack of SoBe Lifewater.

Next week we will have a "last man standing" sort of competition. We will see who can last the longest in a wall sit. I know I'm out on this one, too; I can't even go into that position without hurting my knees, never mind stay there. However, I am running out of exercises that I can do and that lend themselves to a competition. This means that I will have to stick to being a referee for a while.
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