03 December 2010

Putting the Gosh-Awful Gaudy Afghan to Rest

Gosh awful gaudy Afghan

Remember this project? This photo of the Gosh-Awful Gaudy Afghan sat in my sidebar for quite a while. As I'm mentioned in previous posts, I've been knitting the afghan off and on since 2000. I knit a few squares, get bored, and shove it in the back of the closet in disgust so it doesn't keep staring at me while I move on to other projects. Then I'd run across it while looking for something and fall in love with it all over again, forgetting why I shoved it in the closet in the first place or swearing that this time will be different. It finally hit me last week that I have a dysfunctional relationship with this afghan and I need to break up with it once and for all.

The breakup won't be easy. As I dragged the afghan out for the last time, determined to take my scissors to it and start unraveling, C1 started cooing over it and saying how she needed an afghan just like it. She even laid on the guilt and started complaining about how I've never made her anything bigger than a hat. I stayed strong, though. I reminded her that she is a perfectly capable knitter and that making her own afghan would be a great winter project.

Still, after that show of strength I've only frogged one square of the afghan. What did I do with the yarn? Why, I crocheted it into granny squares for another afghan, of course!
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