22 January 2011

Update on Autoinjector

OK, so I've done my full week of Rebif shots using the autoinjector (three doses), and I think I will be sticking with it for a little while longer. Neither method is wonderful; it is just a matter of trade-offs.

The manual injection is less set-up; pull the cap off, jab myself, and press the plunger. However, I have trouble making myself do the jab. Stabbing yourself with a sharp object, no matter how tiny, seems counter-intuitive. I start at 9p planning to give myself the shot, but it is often 11p before I actually screw up the courage to do it. You would think I'd be less nervous about it after two months, but I'm not.

The autoinjector is more work up front -- set the plunger, set the syringe, screw the pieces together -- but at least I don't have to see the needle. The shot is over more quickly, too. I didn't stall in pressing the button and the device pushes the medicine in all at once. Another benefit is that I am able to use my butt and the backs of my arms as injection sites which is difficult for me to do manually. (The more available sites, the better -- you want to be able to rotate regularly so that none of the spots develop scarring.) That makes it sound like the autoinjector is the best option, right? Well, the trade-off is that the shot hurts more and it hurts longer. The shot in my butt last night felt like a bee sting and kept bothering me on and off all night.

Strangely, I am still willing to trade the pain of the Rebiject over seeing the needle, at least for the time being. It helps me get the shot over and done with so I can forget about it for another day and a half.
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