23 February 2011

Charity Sweater Done; Trying New Things

I finally finished my charity sweater! Actually, it was 95% done for a while; I just didn't feel like dealing with the underarm seams and the i-cord. When my boss said she needed something to add to a basket that her church group is putting together for a young single mum, that was the push I needed to get it done.

I used a new-to-me technique for the i-cord that I found on a crochet site called Hook Candy. It looks like knitted i-cord to me, but it is a little less fiddly. The tiny jolt of pleasure I got from teaching myself this new technique made me think about my needlework skill overall. It has been quite a while since I challenged myself with a project. I tend to go for patterns that are easy to memorize or simple to work while in a meeting. There are so many items I haven't attempted to make yet and I think it is time to branch out if I am going to continue to call myself a knitter or a crocheter.
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