19 February 2011

Breaking the 3-Week Silence

Despite my desire to write more often, it has been three weeks since I last posted to this blog. Perhaps next month I will challenge myself to post something to this blog every day, even if it is just a single line. In the meantime, here are a few random things that have been on my mind.

The weather is crazy! Even though it has been over 30 years since I've lived in NY, I still haven't adjusted to the fact that I live in a state that sometimes gets warm weather during the winter months. To me, 70 degrees in February = freaky!

The good thing about the weather is that is makes me want to take a walk. Considering how much I dislike exercise, this is a plus. I was at a conference in Hickory for work and one of the sessions was so boring that my office mate and I took a walk for an HOUR. I got two more miles under my belt toward my 33-mile goal for this month. There is no way I will make the goal, but I like to believe that striving toward it is making me more healthy.

Speaking of goals, I am working toward two others: doing more needlework and improving my appearance. When I say "improving my appearance", you should read "buy or make myself more clothes and stop dressing like a slob". That's why these two goals are related. I want to use my needlework skills to add nicer pieces to my wardrobe. ABM already expressed that he would rather see me use my new sewing machine to make clothing for myself rather than the kids. Frankly, they all have nicer clothes than I do, so I see his point.

Until I find a pattern I want to sew, I am crocheting socks. This is a pattern from Lion Brand called Father's Day Socks. I want to make a pair for ABM but since it is crochet, I thought I should try making a test pair to see if they will look too lacy for a man. I know the designer intended the socks for a guy, but what a designer thinks a guy will wear and what your average Joe will actually put on his body often turns out to be two different animals. I'm working on two pairs at once: a pair in unlabeled sock yarn from my stashette and another pair in Patons Stretch Socks. (It's not a case of start-itis; I have the cuff section memorized so it was easy to switch between socks while I was in the boring conference!) These are worked cuff-down and I like the way the cuffs look, but the real test will be the leg. If the stitch pattern on the leg looks flat, then it will negate the slightly lacy look of the cuffs. If not, then I guess the socks will all be for me!
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