07 March 2011

Fitness: That horse must be tired of me falling off by now

Yes, I climbed back up on the fitness horse today by getting up and walking on the treadmill at 6a. It is part of a training plan on Sparkpeople called the 5K Your Way Walking Plan. It is designed to take you from being able to walk 15 minutes at a time to walking a 5K at the end of five weeks. My reason for starting this plan is actually kind of silly. I was watching The Biggest Loser last week and they were doing the challenge where all the contestants walk a 5K on treadmills. Even though they are doing the walking on machines, I find it just as emotional as when I watch a movie with someone running a marathon. Right after that I saw Sparkpeople's new training plans and, being all pumped up from watching the show, I felt like I could do it. Who says that reality TV can't be a good influence?

If I stick to this plan, I will be walking my personal 5K on 09 Apr. I'll be doing it on the treadmill for two reasons. One, I don't have a decent pedometer to be able to track my progress if I walk outside. Two, I want to be able to pass out in my own home as soon as I finish! Meeting goals has never been one of my strengths, but I'm giving it a shot, anyway. Horse, get ready!
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