04 May 2011

Curvy Boy Gets Measured

Last Friday, we took DJ to get measured for his Boston brace. The videos I saw online showed patients getting wrapped in plaster to make a mold for the brace, but apparently it isn't done that way any more. The orthotist we saw took various measurements of DJ's torso and sent them to the company in Massachusetts to be punched into a computer. Another pleasant surprise was that the brace and the visit was only $1275 as opposed to the $2-$3000 that I was expecting. ABM's insurance covers all but 10%, which is even better.

Now we are waiting for the call that the brace is here so that DJ can have it fitted and trimmed, if necessary. He still seems to be unconcerned about the whole business. The crankiness will probably kick in after a week of wearing the brace 23 hours a day. Poor kid.
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