08 May 2011

My Mother's Day Surprise

My Mother's Day usually consists of Chinese takeaway in bed. I've always been fine with that because everyone else takes their mothers out to lunch or dinner on this day and I don't want to fight the crowds. Despite what the jewelry stores tell you, not every mother wants jewelry, either. I'm perfectly happy with good food, hugs, and cards from ABM and the kids.

However, today the family went above and beyond. They bought me a Samsung Galaxy Tab! I've been saying for months that I am extremely attracted to tablets, but I can't see us spending money on something that is essentially a toy. I guess ABM decided that I deserved some fun in my life. It has been so long since I've had a new gadget, and I've been jealous of all the people trying all the new Android apps. I thought that I would be getting a new Android phone before now, but my Palm Centro won't die.

Anyway, I am SO excited about my Mother's Day surprise that I had to share, but now it is time for me to go play with it!
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