31 July 2011

My Computer-Free Day

Yesterday turned out to be a computer-free day for me. I read, exercised with C2, discussed fashion with C1, and played Rock Band with M. Usually the only thing to get me away from the computer would be a power outage! I didn't even miss being on the internet, though. I had fun spending time with my teens.

The key to having more days like that is to avoid turning the computer on first thing in the morning. My routine on Saturdays is to check my email while one of the kids brings me a cup of coffee. My laptop is housed in a pocket that ABM built onto the side of my bedside table, so I usually grab the computer before I even get out of bed. There will probably still be many more days like that, because my energy level is pretty low on most weekends. However, I am making an effort to evaluate how I feel and not just lay around in bed because it is Saturday and I can. That has gotten to be a habit and I am trying to shake things up.

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