13 January 2012

Birthday Week Chez Moi

This week I turned 45. I've never been one to stress about my age, but I must admit that I am beginning to feel a few twinges of melancholy about approaching 50. My grey hairs are more evident, I don't get carded at the ABC store, and new people I meet aren't as surprised as they once were when I tell them my age. Of course, the positive side of being older is that the kids are older, too. C1 and C2 will be 15 tomorrow, M will be 19 next month, and DJ will be 14 in June. I enjoy them all so much more now that I can relate to them as people with their own thoughts and ideas instead of as creatures who need to be fed and trained not to pee on the floor.

We don't have elaborate birthday celebrations in this family, and even if we did we wouldn't have this year due to the family still being in mourning over the loss of the MIL. I got Chinese food and chocolate-filled cupcakes (which the kids need to make again - yum!). C1 and C2 will be celebrating their birthday tomorrow with homemade fish & chips and onion rings, a nod to our fascination with English TV. There will also be some gaming tomorrow: Dance Central, Rock Band, and possibly some tabletop games.

As for gifts, I got an iPhone 4S from ABM. He has really been on the ball with gift-giving lately and getting me things I really want. I wasn't exactly pining away for an iPhone but for the past year or so, I've been wanting to get my hands on either an iPhone or an iPod Touch to try out. I still enjoy using my Galaxy Tab that I got last Mother's Day, but I have found it slightly frustrating that every time I hear about a cool game it shows up on iOS first. I have to wait months for it to show up on Android, if it gets ported there at all. Since we bought three of my kids and my nephew the iPod Touch for Christmas, I will also be able to experience some of the the more social games like the With Friends line from Zynga. Hopefully that will inspire me to do more posting and more reviews on this blog!

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