14 February 2012

Not Exactly Tripping the Light Fantastic

Tripping over my own feet is becoming a common occurrence with me, and I did it again this evening. I was carrying a basket of laundry downstairs and I lost my footing on the last couple of steps. My right leg slammed against the floor, but I don't think I broke anything this time. It does hurt too much to walk it off, so I am following all the suggestions for a sprained ankle. I wrapped it in a compression bandage, propped it up on a pillow, put an ice pack on it, and took some ibuprofen.

My son DJ was a rock star during all this. He stood next to me while I was banging the floor and waiting for the  pain to subside enough to go upstairs. He helped me wrap my ankle and brought me the other things I needed. Having kids old enough and strong enough to assist me in a situation like this is a blessing.

I was debating whether I should have called ABM right when it happened. The fall occurred about an hour before he was going to get off work, so I figured it could wait until he got home. Considering ABM's state of mind lately, he will either be exasperated because I fell again or angry because he thinks I should have called him sooner. That may sound harsh, but I know that being married to a clumsy woman must be tiring for him. 
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