22 June 2012

DJ's Surgery: A Waiting Game

As I type this, DJ has been in surgery for two and a half hours. He is having a spinal fusion to correct his scoliosis. Three of ABM's aunts are waiting at the hospital with us. After some stilted and awkward conversation, we have settled into an uneasy silence.

Many people bemoan the increasingly ubiquitous presence of technology in our lives, but I am especially thankful for my gadgets on a day like today. I could not get through this if I was left staring at the walls. Rather than being alone with my frightening
thoughts, I can play games, read, text or tweet friends, and write. I've even been taking snaps of the incredible artwork on the walls -- no generic posters for the children's hospital, apparently.

The aunties probably think I should be sitting in a corner, wringing my hands. However, l count it as a blessing that I am able to distract myself from my anxiety.

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