09 June 2012

Me And My Hair Are Ready For A Change

Remember the post where I talked about being dissatisfied with my hair? Well, the other day when I had some downtime I checked in to my BzzAgent account, and there was an open campaign for the Smooth 'N' Shine Keratin Power Hair Tamer kit. I haven't been active on BzzAgent since 2008, so it is an odd coincidence  that the first campaign I am offered has to do with taming my natural hair.

In case you aren't familiar with BzzAgent, it is a social marketing company. You create a free account on their website, answer a few surveys, and BzzAgent matches you up with companies that are looking to get have some "buzz" created about their products. It is not a paid position, but you do get free products to try out with the expectation that you will give your honest opinion about them.

The full name of the product is Smooth 'N' Shine Polishing Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer. It is a two-step keratin treatment that is supposed to be less damaging than a relaxer. For my Caucasian friends, a relaxer would straighten my hair permanently while a keratin treatment would give me the choice of blow drying it straight or washing it and wearing it curly. Although there is a lot of info about salon keratin treatments online, I couldn't find much about at-home kits. The lack of reviews makes me a little nervous, but it is just hair.

I've been typing this post when I should be washing my hair in preparation for the keratin treatment. Stay tuned to the space for further updates on how it works out!
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