29 April 2012

Random Bits and Bobs

--Here's proof that I've been in a screwy mood lately: not only have I been eating salads, but I shaved my legs. Anyone who knows me can bear witness to the fact that leg shaving only occurs once a year, right before I go on a cruise. I won't even be near a cruise ship until September. You should look for it to start raining frogs or something tomorrow.

--I'm all for black girls embracing the natural texture of their hair, but right now I am jonesing for a relaxer. I've been looking at pictures of myself from a few years ago when my hair was straight and I can't help thinking that I looked more feminine in those photos. Anyone who believes that going natural is taking the easy road doesn't realize that it takes a lot more work to look girly with an Afro. You need makeup and headbands and earrings and such to soften a natural look, and I'm just not up for all that fuss every day.

--I've been without crutches and my walking boot for over a week. I was fine the first couple days, but now my left foot (the broken one) is hurting more every day. The bottom of my foot is cramping, which it was doing the day I fell. I think a cramp in my foot caught me off-guard and caused me to stumble. Understandably, I am not crazy about walking down any stairs right now, but especially the ones in my house.

--M made it through her sorority rush. She will be initiated into Sigma Alpha Iota this Saturday. Of all my daughters, I never really pictured M being the sorority girl but I am happy for her.

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