29 June 2012

We're having a heat wave!

A couple months ago our central A/C conked out. The repair will be rather pricey, so we haven't had it done yet. There are other expenses that had to come first, and we felt the repair could wait because it wasn't terribly hot outside. We threw a few window units up and that was enough to handle the mid-70s temps. Life was good.

If you are in the Carolinas this week, you probably know where I'm going with this. Life is not so good today. As I type this, it is 6p and 103 degrees outside. The unit in my bedroom was working so well that I had to don a sweater, but today it is struggling to cool the air. It is 89 degrees in here. Today I was supposed to be organizing the canned goods in the garage. I don't even feel like moving.

I know I'm not the only one suffering in the heat. Half the status updates in my Facebook feed have pictures of thermostats, as if people in other states will not believe how hot it is here. My kids are all sitting downstairs, playing cards and trying to move as little as possible. According to the Weather Channel, we will be dealing with 100-degree days until Monday at least.

QUESTION: Is the heat going to curtail any of your weekend plans? How do you keep cool?
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