23 October 2012

Glade Expressions Collection

As you guys know, I am a member of BzzAgent (short explanation: I get free stuff and talk about it). The most recent campaign that I have participated in is for the new Glade Expressions Collection. I was looking forward to getting started on this campaign because my husband ABM doesn't like boring old air. He wants to have scents wafting through the house at all times.

BzzAgent gave me coupons to get one of each model for free. The Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser (the rectangular one with the cutouts) consists of a small fragrance bottle hidden in the base with a wide flat wick stuck into the top. The Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist is basically an air freshener spray. The difference is that the decorative outer shell can be refilled with a new can of freshener. This line is meant to be more upscale than your average air freshener by offering unusual scents and containers that are pretty enough to sit out on the counter.

There are four scents available: Lavender & Juniper Berry, Pineappple & Mangosteen, Cotton & Italian Mandarin, and Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice. ABM grabbed the first two. I probably would have gone for the apple, but this collection keeps selling out at our local stores so we were probably lucky to get anything.

Part of Glade's marketing for this collection is that it has "true-to-life scents". I had a chance to put this to the test because, purely by coincidence, we cut open a fresh pineapple a few days ago. The smell is still fresh in my mind and the Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist in Pineapple and Mangosteen comes really close. I'm not sure about the Lavender & Juniper Berry, though. I can't smell any of the lavender; to me it smells like trees. I don't know if I want my house to smell like a walk through the woods.

Although I didn't like the smell of the scent ABM picked for the oil diffuser, I do like the form factor of both items. I consider them a non-electric replacement for all those plug-ins that have become popular over the past few years. With a husband who loves to have a continuous aroma throughout the house, those plug-ins have taken over way too many of my outlets and I don't think they are particularly attractive. The oil diffuser looks totally at home in the living room among our knick-knacks, and the fragrance mist is a sleeker alternative to having a regular aerosol can on the counter in the guest bathroom.
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