30 November 2012

Trying to leave my bedroom

ABM and I tend to spend the majority of our leisure time in our bedroom. Before your minds descend into the gutter, we are mostly watching TV or playing around on our computers. Since we can't fit chairs in there, we are sitting or laying in our bed. It has never been a big deal to us because we both grew up in houses where there were no chairs in the bedrooms so if you hung out in there, you were sitting in bed.

I've spent more time sitting in bed than ABM has over the past few years, what with the four foot injuries and the spinal tap and the reaction to the spinal tap and extreme fatigue caused by my medications. By the time I got over all of that, sitting in my bed became a habit. Now that I am unemployed, I feel that I spend too much time there. I get up in the morning, dress in lounging clothes like shorts and a t-shirt, get coffee, and come right back upstairs for a day of TV and internet. On my more energetic days, I do some chores around the house or walk on the treadmill and then head right back to my bedroom.

Recently ABM brought several pieces of his late mother's furniture to our house, including two recliners. He has discovered that he prefers sitting in the recliner in the den instead of watching TV upstairs. So now if I want to spend time sitting and chatting with my husband, I need to move downstairs. No big deal, right? Wrong.

I am sitting downstairs in the den as I type this and all I can think about it going back upstairs. It is cold down here, I can't get comfortable in this chair, and everything is arranged the way I want it in my bedroom. All my entertainment options are up there, the phone is within easy reach, and I have places to sit my coffee and such. Perhaps I would enjoy it more if I was down here with ABM instead of home alone. In the meantime, it's back upstairs for me!

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