12 April 2013

No summer school for me

For those who missed it, I've been taking classes at the local community college. By the end of this semester, I will have finished three classes. Although I could have finished six classes in this time, being unemployed and all, I had some previous student loan debts to clear up so I couldn't get financial aid. This meant that I had to pay for my classes out of pocket. ABM, bless him, felt strongly enough about the path I decided on (computer information technology) that he did everything he could to make sure my tuition and books were paid for. However, after some discussion, we decided that it would be a good idea for me to skip the summer semester and go back in the fall. By the time the Fall 2013 semester rolls around, I should have my old student loan mess cleared away and be able to get a Pell grant to help me with most of my tuition.

The financial burden isn't the only reason I'll be sitting out the summer semester. ABM pointed out that, because my classes are online, I am spending even more time in front of the computer than usual. The three kids still at home are teens now and don't need constant supervision, but ABM would like me to pop my head up more often and get them to do a few more chores around the house. During the school year, I cut them some slack because I don't want them to be staying up all night with chores and homework. However, I usually try to come up with some sort of project for them during the summer and I think ABM is afraid that I won't do that if I have my head bent over the computer struggling with math homework.

Normally, I get defensive when ABM makes comments about how much time I'm spending in front of the computer, but this time I agree with him. Frankly, it was a relief when he suggested that I take a summer break. I've been thinking about directing my limited energy toward projects other than schoolwork, like teaching myself French or doing some more gardening. It doesn't hurt that ABM has been taking more of a "honey over vinegar" approach with me these days. He will never admit it, but there has been a pleasant change in how he interacts with me now that I am trying to move more and make the best of this unemployment period. I think that he mentioned my computer time only because he doesn't want to see me fall back into my old routines, and I can't get mad at him for that.

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