05 June 2013

Sitting on a rumble pack

Although I know that everyone's experience with multiple sclerosis is different, blogging about my symptoms seems like I am asking for pity. However, a new symptom has cropped up that I wanted to tell someone about. If I can't whine on my own blog, then where can I whine? :-)

The official name of today's symptom is Lhermitte's Sign and it is often triggered by lowering your chin to your chest as if a barber is going to trim the hair at the back of your neck. Some people have pain with it, but not me. What I'm getting is buzzing and vibrating. The vibrating is a little stronger when I bow my head, but I am also vibrating when I am not bowing my head.

Have you ever played a console game with the rumble turned on? The kids and I have been playing Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox, and every time you run your character's wagon off the road and into the grass you can feel the controller vibrate in your hand. Now imagine that you are sitting on the vibrating controller and it vibrates every five seconds. That is what I have been feeling since I woke up this morning.

The vibrating isn't debilitating, but it was troublesome today. I had a strong need to walk and prove that my legs were still working, so I walked around the block three times. At the end of the walk, I was so wobbly. I felt like I was going to vibrate apart and have pieces of me fly all over the subdivision!
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