31 May 2013

I like the sound of teenagers in my house

Last night C1 had a couple of her friends over to study for an exam. As my three kids and the two friends sat around the table eating dinner, it occurred to me once again that I enjoy having teenagers in the house. Not in a creepy way; I'm not one of those mothers who thinks she is cool enough to hang out with her kids' friends. It just feels really normal to have teenagers socializing in my dining room.

I was beginning to think that the twins' high school years would be just like M's experience. She rarely had any friends over because she didn't make friends in the subdivision and her school friends lived too far away. Thankfully word seems to have gotten out to the parents of C1 and C2's friends that my house is a safe place for kids to hang out for a few hours. I always make sure to check in on what they are doing without hovering too much and feed them a decent meal.

So many people complain about the teenage years, but this time is so much easier on me than when they were younger. Although I think babies are cute, I prefer to admire them from afar. Give me a teenager I can talk to and play cards with any day.
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