19 November 2016

Facebook is out for me -- at least for now

Over the last month, my Facebook feed has become uncomfortable for me to read. The political posts are crowding out the lifestyle posts more and more. Even people whose posts are normally about kids and vacations began sharing their political views. I thought it would calm down once the presidential election was decided, but instead, it heated up. The most unexpected occurrence was that my more liberal friends, in an effort to show how bad the Trump supporters are, started sharing the most awful posts they had seen from the opposition. As a result, my feed became filled with sickening racist garbage. I felt like I was trapped in the middle of a street with the busy traffic of angry words coming at me from both sides. So I decided to stop checking in with Facebook for a while.

It has only been three days since I deleted the Facebook app from my mobile devices and stopped checking it on my laptop. I wish I could say I don't miss it, but I do. Several times a day, I have the urge to post something about a movie I watched or a book I read. I miss seeing posts from my online pals about what they cooked for dinner or where they went for date night. As much as I disliked Facebook at first, it has become my place to interact with people and break up the isolation of being home alone for several hours every day.

I will probably post here and on my book blog more often while I am waiting for everyone on Facebook to calm down and go back to normal, but I know it won't be the same. Nobody really reads my blog so writing here feels more like shouting into the wind; there is no interaction. Still, I need someplace to offload all my thoughts or I will go mad, so this will have to do :-).

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