07 January 2005

Friday Night!

Do I have something exciting planned for tonight? Well, it is exciting to me, but I don't think the average person would be bowled over. This is the first day in two weeks that I didn't have to work overtime, my bedroom is clean, and I don't have to check anyone's homework. This is a perfect time to work on the first "afghan" of the year, a baby blanket for an acquaintance from church. I don't know the woman very well, so I am really stitching this as a favor to my hubby. I'm putting more effort into this blanket than I usually do for a shower gift, but I don't think this woman got a lot of gifts. She has some things going on in her life that other members of our church don't condone, so I think they shunning her. I don't agree with some of the choices she has made, either, but that is no reason why an innocent baby should go without gifts. It just seems wrong.

ABM has a habit of asking me to make complicated things in a nonchalant way. He has total faith that I can do what he asks if I deign to put forth the effort. This time around he wants a baby blanket with SpongeBob Squarepants in the center. Now, I have never knit or crocheted a character on anything, but he had faith that I could do it so I am giving it a shot. Here is the plan (subject to change at any point): last night I used my Incredible Sweater Machine to knit a cornflower blue panel for the center of the afghan. A quick Google search yielded a free Spongebob chart that was supposedly designed for knitting, so hopefully it won't look all squished when I stitch it. I've already started knitting the black outline and it looks OK so far. To extend the panel to baby-blanket size and to stop the edges from curling, I am going to knit four garter stitch bands to go around it similar to the binding on a quilt. These bands will be the same yellow that I use for SpongeBob's head, unless I run out.

The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow and I don't have to work. If you all cross your fingers, I may be able to get some pictures up on the blog before Monday.
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