06 January 2005

What Blog Do I Read Most?

Surprisingly, the blog I read most often is not about knitting. It is Amateur Gourmet, a foodie blog written by Adam, a law student/playwright. Part of the reason I read it almost daily is pure convenience -- it is at the top of my alphabetical Bloglines list. I always start reading from top to bottom but I don't have much recreational time on the computer each day, so on many days Amateur Gourmet is the only one I read. Saying that I read it out of laziness, though, doesn't give credit to Adam's writing. He hooked me with a post about six months' ago where he was pooh-poohing the trend towards low-carb eating. In addition to posting about his adventures with various restaurants and recipes, he also creates silly foods songs and short film clips. If you are the type who likes to read cookbooks more than you actually cook, you'll like this blog. Check it out!
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