22 January 2005

Ghost World; Media Style

I am feeling rather dense right now. I watched Ghost World (starring Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, and Steve Buscemi) last night. It was an interesting movie but the end confused me. Was the bus at the end real or not? If there is anyone out there who can explain it to me, please feel free.

As for the look of the movie, I loved it! You've heard of little black girls who occasionally fantasize about looking like their Barbie dolls with flowing blond hair (Whoopi Goldberg became famous doing a routine about that early in her career). I was not that kid. I am proud to be black, but if I could borrow the white-girl look for a couple days I would be Thora Birch's character in this movie. The straight black bobbed hair, the pale skin with the pouty lips, her twist on vintage clothes -- I can't get enough of it. Here are a few other cinematic looks that I like:

--Amber Tamblyn as Joan in Joan of Arcadia, when she goes girly with the A-line cotton skirts and the delicately-embroidered twin sets
--Renee Zellweger in Down with Love, especially the swing coats with the linings that match the dresses
--Alyssa Milano's attempt (or that of the show's stylist) to single-handedly bring back the snood, as seen on her character Phoebe in previous seasons of Charmed

Those who have seen me in person would never guess that I have such a love of vintage fashion. I haven't owned a vintage piece since I was a teenager. The main reason is my size. I am currently a modern size 24, so I don't even feel like going through the frustration of trying to find vintage that would fit me or altering anything I find. Luckily I have three daughters; I can experiment on them :-).
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