21 January 2005

Totally Random

My post is going to be a bit random today, a la Yarn Harlot:

--I finally picked up just the right yellow for SpongeBob. Hopefully, I will get a good bit of work done on it this weekend because I am ready to move on to the blankets I have planned for my own household.

--While I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday, I picked up a ball of pink (color name: Strawberry) eyelash yarn called Wild Child. It took me no time at all to crochet a keyhole scarf for my friend/prayer partner here at work. I did six inches last night and finished the scarf before lunch today. The last two hats I knit went pretty quickly, too. Perhaps I am getting faster.

--The touring company of Hairspray is coming my area this summer. I am so excited! I enjoyed the original movie and I love the songs from the show. My best friend loves me enough to force herself to sit through it with me. I can't wait!

--M has to do a project for her Spanish class. It has to be something that shows an aspect of the culture in a Spanish-speaking country. Is it wrong that I am steering her toward something craft-related since I am the one who will be helping her? She originally wanted to cook something, but I vetoed that for two reasons. First, I didn't want to deal with the hassle of getting her meal to school (I don't drive and she has to take three different buses to get to school in the morning). Secondly, I remember that when I was in school, cooking a meal was always the thing that kids picked to get extra credit in language class. It seems like an easy out to me. I want her to actually learn something and bring in a project that isn't going to be like everyone else's. She seems to be interested in the two choices I presented her: papel picado (decorative paper cutting) from Mexico or weaving with a Peruvian-style backstrap loom. We are both leaning toward Peru because we think a lot of kids in her class are going to pick Mexico and because her cousin will be moving to Peru soon.
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