27 January 2005

I almost forgot

I am knitting furiously, trying to finish the SpongeBob baby blanket. The original plan was to knit a stockinette blanket with a garter stitch border and then duplicate stitch the SpongeBob design in the center. Then I was worried that the design might not turn out well, so I knit a panel just big enough for the design and I was going to knit garter stitch bands to be sewn on around the edges to make the blanket big enough. Now the duplicate stitch is almost finished, I am unhappy with how messy the back of my piece looks. A more experienced stitcher can turn out a piece that looks so good you almost can't tell the front from the back, but I am not that stitcher :-(. I considered buying a piece of flannel and sewing it to the back but I really don't want to spend any more money (As it is, I bought another skein of white yarn--a color I rarely use--because I was afraid that I would run out and I ended up not even needing it.) So, just yesterday I decided that I should knit a full baby blanket and stitch the panel to the front of it. Mind you, the blanket has to be finished by Saturday morning, yet I am crazy enough to think that I can finish knitting a 36" square by then. I'm doing a basic diagonal garter stitch blanket and it is growing pretty quickly, so I have a slight chance of meeting my deadline. Wish me luck!
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