27 January 2005

Knit Picks and other stuff

First off, I want to thank MA for linking to my blog. I think this is my first link. Even though I am not trying to build a readership as large as Yarn Harlot's, it is cool to think that somebody is reading this stuff.

Like a lot of knitbloggers, I got my Knit Picks catalog yesterday. I, too, was amazed by the prices on their new in-house line. Yarn buying has never been a part of my budget (a shock to the rest of the knitblogging community, I know); the majority of my yarn was given to me by the relatives of acrylic-loving little old ladies who can no longer do needlework. I am trying to empty at least two of my three 18-gallon Sterilite containters before I buy anything. Still, the Knit Picks catalog has always tempted me with their "free shipping over $30" and their "try me" prices on certain yarns.

The marketing for their new line seems a little inflated, though. The Simple Stripes sock yarn in particular caught my eye. Here is the wording from their ad:

Simple Stripes
Only $3.69 for 50 grams
Compared to $8.99 for other self-striping, superwash sock yarns

Judging from this description, Knit Picks is suggesting it as a cheaper alternative to Regia which has the same fiber content and yardage. However, Regia and several other self-patterning sock yarns with the same put-up (superwash, 75% wool/25% acrylic, 230 yard/50 gram ball) are selling for at least $1 cheaper than the $8.99 mentioned in the Knit Picks ad for comparison's sake, at least according to my limited research. Lion Brand Magic Stripes regularly sells for $6.50 at my local Wal-Mart, and that has an extra 100 yards per ball. I would be interested in seeing someone do a comparison of Simply Stripes, Regia, and Magic Stripes. Who knows -- if I can squeeze some blood out of the stone that is my budget, I may be able to buy the yarn and do it myself :-).

What is ABM thinking? January is typically the coldest month of the NC winter, and January 2005 isn't letting us down. So why did my husband pick this month to finally clean out our unheated garage? Yes, I know that it is a jumbled mess out there; that is why I moved all my yarn indoors -- in the fall, when we were having freakishly warm weather. He's not just straightening up, either. He has been out in his cold workshop building shelving units to organize all the crap out there. I applaud his effort, but I like warmth too much to stand out there and help him. Bad wife!
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