25 January 2005

I've been tagged!

There is a game of musical questions making its way around the blogs and I have been tagged the Baptist Buddhist, my friend G1. I just love being invited to play! Before I get started, let me qualify my responses by saying that as much as I love music, I rarely buy CDs or anything. I like a lot of variety and the randomness of radio appeals to me so I listen to most of my music via live365, Accuradio, and occasionally music video sites like Launch when I want to find out what the young folk are into. Anyway, here are my answers:

1. Total amount of music files on my computer: I have 10 MB on this computer and possible 50 MB on another computer in the house. I haven't accessed any of this music in at least six months. The bulk of it was downloaded when Audiogalaxy still offered p2p file sharing. I don't own an mp3 player, so music in that form isn't very useful for me. Occasionally, I buy a song from iTunes when one of our friends is looking for a particular track.

2. The last CD I bought: The few CDs I own were all purchased so long ago that I'm not totally sure which one is the most recent purchase. I believe it was Kelly Osbourne's Shut Up. I know, why would a person who rarely buys music waste a purchase on such inconsequential pop? What can I say -- I like her version of "Papa Don't Preach". Her presence also sucked me into watching life as we know it, also.

3. What is the song you last listened to before reading this question?: This answer should tell you a little about my life and schedule right now -- the last piece of music I heard was SIX HOURS ago and I can't even remember what it was. I think it was "Big Dollhouse" from the musical Hairspray.

4. Write down five songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you: As other have said, this is tough because my attachment to songs changes all the time. I thought that I would always love Janis Joplin unequivocably, but I am simply not the same girl who wallowed in that "love gone bad" feeling. So here are the songs that work for me RIGHT NOW.

--"Aldonza" from the musical Man of La Mancha. I love the way that she is trying so hard to convince Don Quixote that she is awful, but he refuses to hear it.

--"Unwell" by Matchbox 20. The music is not great, but the lyrics describe my state of mind at least half the time.

--"Smooth" by Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana. G1 was talking about sexy songs on her list. This song has sex appeal in spades. I don't normally like instrumental music because I am all about the lyrics, but this is one song where I could dispense with the words altogether and still get that vibe.

--"42nd Street". It makes me want to dust off my tap shoes!

--"It Sucks to Be Me" from the musical Avenue Q. Are you guys sensing a theme? I've been listening to a lot of show tunes lately. Anyway, the lyrics are a downer but the tune is very catchy. I can hum this song when I am in a bad mood without anyone realizing that anything is wrong. The very subversive nature of that act usually lifts me out of my funk a bit :-).

5. Who are you going to pass this to, and why?: Honestly, I am not friendly enough with people in the blog world to pass this list along, but I would be interested to see how Laura at Poor Miss Finch would answer these questions. I'm also kind of curious about Genia's musical tastes.

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