15 January 2005

Random Verse

I have been in a very funky mood this week, and I don't think I am capable of a rational post today. So instead I am going to subject to some random verse. It has been years since I have written like this, hence it is very bad and undeserving of the name "poem". However, I promised myself that I would try to post something every day and this is all I've got.

Don't beg him to love you.

Even though every fiber in your body
Is screaming for the touch
Of his calloused hands --

Don't beg him to love you.

He wants to stay,
But only if you don't
Need him.
He can't save you,
And he doesn't want
The burden of trying.

Don't beg him to love you.

Back to stitching the SpongeBob baby blanket, which was supposed to be finished tomorrow. Hah!
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