23 February 2005

Even musical lovers have a limit

I am a fan of 7th Heaven and have watched every single season. Critics call this show insipid and unrealistic, but I have defended it again and again. This year's Valentine's Day episode, however, has tested my loyalty. I just watched it tonight and I am at a loss.

Why, oh why, did they let these actors sing? I've watched musical episodes on every show from The Brady Bunch to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I realize that they are just a novelty. No one expects any breakout performances from their favorite sitcom regulars, but the writers or whoever is in charge should make sure that they can at least carry a tune. With the exception of Stephen Collins and Beverly Mitchell, I don't think anyone in the cast has a musical background and it definitely showed. David Gallagher used good judgement and refused to sing. Mackenzie Rosman acquitted herself well, although she could probably use a few singing lessons to learn how to sing the words a little more clearly. However, George Stults should not have opened his mouth. The little boys who play the twins came closer to being on key than George Stults did! I pray that they have gotten this out of their systems so we never have to be subjected to an episode like this again.
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