22 February 2005

I can't do no mo'

C1 came into the bathroom this evening and stated, "For some reason, I like the smell of cleaning stuff." That's probably because Pine-Sol is a rare and exotic perfume in our house!

At some point this afternoon, someone must have slipped something into my coffee because I thought that I was going to get three bathrooms cleaned when I came home from work. It is now 9:20p and I have to concede defeat. I managed one bathroom, which included cleaning the nasty floor on my hands and knees (Oh, my aching back!) I also did two loads of laundry and helped M with her Spanish project. Did I mention that my only fortification for this mission was four pieces of cheap Valentine's chocolate and a bad doughnut?

Now I am going to make my bed, get in it, and see if I can finish off SpongeBob tonight. I am nothing if not determined :-).
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