15 February 2005

Fix-It February; V-Day wrap-up

I've been a bad KALer. I should have known that I wouldn't have time, considering how slow I am. If I tallied all the knitting time I get during the day, it would barely be 30 minutes; most days I knit considerably less than that. This means that I am still working on SpongeBob and I haven't even had a chance to unravel the hideously uneven sweater that I showed you guys last week. If I told you that I would definitely get to it this week, I would be lying :-). I am determined to finish the SpongeBob blanket and get it out of my house as soon as possible, which means avoiding the temptation to work on other projects.

ABM got home from work later than usual last night, so we didn't exchange gifts until 10:30p. I got him a pair of boxer shorts with a Corvette screen-printed on the front and a Michael Buble CD that I burned from allofmp3.com, a Russian music site. I think I did a good job picking his presents this year; he really seemed to like them.

My presents from the DH (in addition to the cell phone he got last week) were a denim shirt, a pair of khaki pants, four balls of Red Heart Symphony yarn, a stitch counter, and some point protectors. He's so sweet! Khaki pants may not sound romantic, but I wake up every morning wishing that a pair of pants would magically appear in my closet so that I wouldn't have to put on pantyhose again. I'm especially proud of his yarn purchase. He picked a yarn that I haven't tried before and he bought 1240 yards so I would have enough to make something other than a hat and he made sure that they were all the same dye lot. Of course, this means that I need to come up with a project quickly; I think he may be offended if I keep it as long as I kept that Pound of Love yarn (over a year!)
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