15 February 2005

I couldn't help it

I know I was supposed to get off of the computer at 8p and put in some work on SpongeBob, but I was weak. I had to try to find a pattern for the Red Heart Symphony. While I watched Wife Swap, I searched the internet. The few references I found to this yarn showed ponchos. I definitely don't want to make a poncho because I know I wouldn't get much use out of it. I could have used the yarn to make something for the kids, but gosh darn it -- I'm gonna be a little selfish. I don't have a single sweater in my closet, which makes no sense considering how cold-natured I am. So far, the front runner is the Giraffe sweater from the Knitty archives. It is hard to believe that four balls will make a sweater to fit me, but Symphony has great yardage (310 yds/ball). Now if SpongeBob would just move out of the way so I can get started on it!
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