29 March 2005

Did I say it wasn't a knot?

It is time to eat my words. That cream-colored bucket hat is giving me fits! I'm having a terrible time frogging it. I started from the cast-on edge, but I forgot about all those K2tog stitches in the brim of the hat so I couldn't figure out why it wasn't just unraveling smoothly. Also, I split the cotton in a couple places so the stitch on the next row is in the middle of a strand on the current row and I can't seem to get that out without cutting it. Instead of one big ball of yarn, I am going to have 20 little balls of yarn. I'm very tempted to abandon Fix-It February and start on something else that is less bothersome! Of course, the upside is now I know that something I knit is going to stay knit :-).

This puts me right back where I was on Sunday. What to knit, what to knit? The two half-finished afghans aren't striking my fancy, the MIL's scarf is awaiting a trip to Wal-Mart for more black and grey WoolEase, and it is too close to summer to think about knitting the MIL's Gifted mittens. Perhaps I should do a bit more stash reductions. My main objective, above the afghan goal for the year, is to stitch up or give away as much of my current stash as possible so that I can partake of all the new yarn goodness that I see all over the internet. I have several yarns that I have bagged up and earmarked for certain projects. These aren't items for anyone in particular; I just picked the projects because they suit the yarn. I guess I could pick one of those while I am waiting for inspiration to strike.
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