30 March 2005

Podcast Review: Geeks On

"When you said you needed space
I didn't think it was for him."
Unbelievable by The Dotted Line

Before I get into this week's podcast review, I want to say one more thing about Coverville. Have you checked it out yet? If you are overwhelmed by the archive and don't know where to start, here are a couple suggestions. I haven't made it all the way through the archives yet, but right now I would recommend shows #10 and #19. The first show has a killer cover of "Dirty Deeds" by Leslie Gore (!) and the second one is full of covers from TV shows.

Today I would like to suggest Geeks On. This podcast is a talk show about sci-fi/fantasy films and TV shows, computers, video games, board games, and anything else of interest to those of the geeky persuasion. The format is a round table discussion, and the five guys on the panel each have some sort of connection to the entertainment industry. Although the sound quality isn't the best, the content itself is more polished than your average podcast (probably influenced by the presenters' day jobs). They can get into the minutiae of a game without losing my interest, even if it is a game that I have never played before. Geeks On is produced once a week and the website has links to things discussed in the show.
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