26 March 2005

Health Update

Starting weight: 260 lbs.
Last week: 258 lbs.
This week: 255 lbs.
Total: -5 lbs.

Yes, I've lost another three pounds. I don't think I can take full credit for that, though. Although I exercised three times this week, I've also been fighting a cold so my appetite has been less voracious than usual. Hopefully I will do this well next week when my appetite is back to normal.

Thus far, my biggest temptation has been the evenings. Snacking after the kids go to bed has been part of my relaxation routine. I am trying to save some of my snacks from earlier in the day to help with that. My plan calls for more food before lunch than I can really stomach; I am not terribly hungry before 12n.

Yesterday, I tried out a new DVD: Molly and Roni's Dance Party -- 1970s Disco Mania. What I didn't realize when I rented it was that this is a kids' video. Apparently, the presenters have been teaching dance to kids in LA for over 12 years from their own studio. I have to say that the video is fun and high-energy. Molly and Roni went the extra mile with a whole room full of dancers (ages 6 - 12) who are all in '70s costume. They show the steps more slowly than in a video aimed for adults without losing the momentum. This DVD would be a great purchase for anyone who wants a fun way to exercise and get their kids off the couch without making it seem like a chore. I've tried it with one kid and I can't wait to spring it on the other three. I plan to rent the 1950s sock hop version next.
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