31 March 2005

Look out -- your prude is showing

Perhaps watching years of TV has made me too critical of the plotlines. I watched Summerland on Tuesday with ABM and there was a scene in this episode that raised my mommy hackles. The teenage son, who has been trying to get his girlfriend to have sex with him, breaks down and shows his softer side after a difficult family dinner. This show of emotion convinces the girlfriend to have sex with him. Huh? This isn't the first time I have seen this played out in a movie or TV show, but I never thought of the ramifications until now. Will young girls take their cues from this or are today's teens more savvy than that? Will there be some poor kid out there who thinks that is the best way to comfort her boyfriend, or worse yet -- how many teenage guys saw that scene and said, "Hey, I haven't tried that yet?"
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