01 April 2005

Touching base with knitting goals

Welcome to the Friday night knitting roundup! Although my original plan as soon as I got home was to get in bed with my plate of pulled pork barbecue and a magazine, I remembered that no one is going to stick with this blog if I don't post something :-).

First up is the reknitting stuff. The huge bucket hat has been successfully frogged, but I didn't want to reknit that yarn with the same pattern. So I hit my magazine collection and found this:

This is a baby hat pattern from the Spring/Summer 2001 issue of Family Circle Easy Knitting. I am knitting the largest size, which happens to be the same as the smallest size of the bucket hat. The pattern says that 18" is for an 18-month-old child, but I have a feeling that it might fit a child older than that. Anyway, this hat will go into the stash. Here's my progress so far:

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As you can see, I haven't gotten very far. You may have also noticed that I am not doing the stripes that are in the original pattern. I just wanted the texture in a solid color. Surprisingly, the cotton isn't hurting my hands. Perhaps knitting it flat is making a difference.

These misshapen socks

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will be frogged so that I may harvest the Wool Ease Blue Sprinkles yarn for use in knitting this:

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This is C1's second purse and she isn't even using a pattern. Whose child is this? I can't create anything without a pattern. She is also a big fan of Knitty Gritty . I've got to teach her how to read a pattern before she loses her enthusiasm.

Let's move on to this year's big goal -- afghans. I dug out my two partially-completed afghans and photographed them, hoping to rekindle my interest in them. The first one is what I call the Gaudy Rambling Rows afghan:

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Can you see why I call it gaudy? I started this one almost five years ago and abandoned it a couple months later. I couldn't fit the entire width of it in the camera frame, even though I was standing on the bed above it. The yarns in this afghan and the next one are all Red Heart Super Saver and Caron Perfect Match. Say what you will about cheap acrylics, but they keep their color forever and can stand up to the abuse of my children.

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This is the beginning of a crocheted zinnia afghan. I got this pattern from a Vanna White crochet continuity. This project is a perfect example of how much I hate to frog stuff. It isn't mindless enough for me to continue, but whenever I look at those squares I feel like I can't rip them out. If I knit or crochet more than two inches on any project, I have trouble frogging it even if I find a glaring error. I hate to see all that work go to waste.

Tonight's roundup has brought several things to light.
--I am almost ready to continue working on the Gaudy RR.
--I really want more of that Wool Ease Blue Sprinkles yarn.
--I need to find a cool beginner pattern for C1.
--I'm still can't make up my mind about the zinnia afghan.

See you guys tomorrow when we will discuss how far I have strayed from my healthy eating and exercise plan :-P. Off to eat my barbecue!
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