11 April 2005


Exercise: none

Last Saturday, I browsed through my TiVo stash and settled on Bollywood/Hollywood. The plot centers around a young man whose fiancee dies in an accident and his traditonal Indian mother insists that he find a new girl to marry quickly or his younger sister's impending wedding will be called off. It wasn't spectacular but it made a pleasant background for laundry folding. I've never watched a real Bollywood flick before so I don't know if this stayed true to the genre. While watching the dance sequences I kept thinking, "This kind of stuff would make a great exercise video."

Five minutes later . . .

I went onto Netflix to see if I could find a link for Bollywood/Hollywood and the search found a Bollywood-style exercise DVD! That's going to the top of my queue. I also added a movie called Bollywood Queen. If anyone can recommend some other Bollywood-style movies for a beginner, let me know.
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