16 April 2005

Health Update and other stuff

Starting weight: 260 lbs
Last week: 255 lbs.
This week: 258 lbs. (3 lb gain)

Yes, I have gained three pounds this week. I knew it was going to happen. Although I have increased my water to 48 oz. a day and have been eating smaller portions at lunch, I only exercised for 30 minutes this week. Five people in my small den doing a '50s sock hop is a funny sight! I wish I had a bigger space because the kids really seemed to enjoy it. That is a big problem with the dance videos. There is just enough room for me to dance, so I have to try to find a time when the kids aren't around to jump in.

I got a Lotte Berk Method DVD from NetFlix, but I didn't like it. It wasn't as dance-oriented as I thought. It looked like every other boring exercise routine. The Molly and Roni sock hop DVD was fun but they did too many cut scenes during the part where you are supposed to be learning the routine. They did a better job with the first volume. Still, I hope that they do more because they are fun and simple for the kids.
Last night, one of my coworkers got stood up by a guy and wanted to blow off steam so we went out. You're probably thinking that since it was Friday night we went to a bar or a club and danced our frustrations away. I hate to disappoint you, but we went to Wal-Mart. How lame are we that browsing Wal-Mart constitutes a good time? We went to a hoppin' Chinese restaurant (the place where all the Asian people in town go after they are done feeding us the Americanized version of Asian food) so I didn't feel totally uncool.

While I was at Wal-Mart I picked up several pairs of flip-flops as part of my plan to make a little extra money for that Denise set that I want. Remember last year when flip-flops covered with fun fur were the style for about five minutes? Well, I never got around to making any before so last weekend I picked up a pair of flip-flops and a ball of Bernat Baby Lash to make a pair for M. I took them to work to show one of my friends. She immediately called several of my coworkers over to ooh and aah. Now these women have seen me working on SpongeBob as well as several scarves and hats, but they went gaga over this simple project. So, for once I am going to strike while the iron is hot and see if I can sell a few pairs. They work up very quickly, so even if I don't sell them I won't feel like I have wasted too much time.
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