22 May 2005

Belated Health Update and Other Chatter

There's nothing much to say. My efforts have been lackluster and it shows on the scale. I've stuck to my eating plan the best that I can for breakfast and lunch, even though I keep running out of fruit for breakfast. That's what happens when there are four young children in your house. Yesterday ABM bought fruit cups and 100-calorie snack packs for me. I am going to take them to work since I end up eating breakfast there on most days. I know it sounds like I am depriving my poor children, but they gorge on fruit and yogurt the way most kids scarf down candy. They can have the canned peaches and the bananas; they're not going to suffer.

Exercise was fairly non-existent again this week. So much for the mp3 player coaxing me outside to walk. I don't know what else to say. There is nothing I can type that isn't going to sound like a lazy-a** excuse. I hate exercise. The few forms of exercise I can endure are either not accessible to me (I can't afford to replace my treadmill) or inconvenient (the TV is in use when I want to do a dance video, for instance). If I really wanted to exercise, I wouldn't let these piddly things get in my way so I guess my lack of commitment is showing. Feh.


As you can see by this post, I have access to a computer once again. After spending most of Saturday trying to resurrect my bedroom computer, I finally threw up my hands in disgust. A few websites gave me a little hope, but I am pretty sure that it is a hard drive failure. We disconnected it this morning and it will probably go in the garage until we can come up with the funds to take it to Best Buy's Geek Squad. In the meantime, I moved M's computer into my bedroom to stop myself from going through tech withdrawal.

Until my computer pooped out on me, I wasn't fully aware of what a big part it played in my routine. My Saturday morning cup of coffee wasn't the same without my e-mail and blogs to read. When I cleaned the house, I couldn't reward myself with my internet break every 30 minutes or so. Watching TV with ABM was especially difficult because I usually look up things that we have a question about, like who did Plastique's voice on last night's episode of Justice League Unlimited. Even as I was reading the backlog of magazines on my bedside table, I had the urge to look up some of the websites that were referenced in the articles.

This brings me to a question. What would you miss if your computer died? Most of you probably aren't as obsessed as I am, but I bet there is some program or game that you would miss. The one thing I wish I had backed up are the episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation and Battlestar Galactica that I downloaded. It took so long to get them and the Degrassi episodes are ones that haven't even aired in the States yet. Bummer.

I am now off to straighten up my bedroom, a task I neglected while I had tech on the brain yesterday. I may even get some knitting done, because I am so tired of looking at that champagne-colored halter top. See ya!
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