23 May 2005

The week that all the good shows died

Exercise: 25 min (Carmen Electra Hip-Hop)
Breakfast: on plan
Lunch: off plan
Snacks: on plan

Today hasn't been perfect, health-wise, but it has been better. Over the weekend, I threw myself a little pity party but an online friend (thanks, Betsy) reminded me today that I just need to keep it simple and push on. I'm taking it one meal at a time and doing the best with the choices available to me.

Last week all the networks announced their fall lineups. Although I am a TV junkie, I couldn't bring myself to finish perusing Futon Critic's lists because I became woozy when I saw a few of my favorites on the cancelled list: Summerland, Joan of Arcadia, and Kevin Hill. I can't take it if I find out that any of my other shows aren't coming back. Joan of Arcadia is an Emmy-winning show, the second season was outstanding, yet it still got cancelled! One report I read said that JoA's ratings plummeted in the second season. I wouldn't call going from 7 rating points to 5 rating points plummeting. How many eyeballs do these stations think they can get? There are only so many hours in a day and there are at least twice as many viewing choices available as there were 20 years ago. I'm especially baffled by UPN and WB. They are considered minor networks at best, and in the past they have given shows at least three seasons to work out their kinks (example: Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Yet here they are cancelling shows after one season as if they expect to get the numbers that the big boys pull. This is almost enough to make me turn off my TV and pick up a book :-).
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