28 May 2005

Check-in call from the hubbyman

ABM just called me from the amusement park. Knowing how unorganized our church can be, he skipped joining their caravan. Instead, he went to the trip coordinator's house, picked up five tickets, and went on to the destination himself. He and the kids were there as soon as the gates opened while the rest of the church group didn't get there until an hour later. This strategy enabled our kids, who have never been to the park before, to get on several rides before the lines began to lengthen. ABM said that they are all behaving themselves, which is a great relief to me.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get some housework done. I am a lousy housewife who cleans when she feels guilty. They should be home in about three hours, and I thought it would be nice for the hubbyman to come home to a clean house. Also, if I clean now then I can be lazy on Monday. See, I'm always thinkin'!
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