28 May 2005

How did I miss this?

I've seen MagKnits mentioned on several blogs but I never went to the site because I thought it was a yarn store. Since I rarely buy yarn online (the last time was three years' ago), I didn't see a reason to visit. I just found out today while looking for more info on Alison's Nothin' But a T-shirt pattern that it is an online knitting mag like Knitty. Duh! I've already spotted a couple cute baby patterns.

Speaking of baby patterns, how did this year's theme move from afghans to layettes? I still want to meet my afghan goal, but I seem to be surrounded by women having babies right now. Since I live in a climate where cotton sweaters get more use than woolen ones, baby items seem to be a perfect match for the small balls of cotton that I have in my stashette.
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