19 July 2005

I don't have anything new to show, knitting-wise. I'm almost done knitting the body of the mosaic bag but it doesn't look much different than it did a week ago, so I am not going to post a photo. There is at least five hours of stuff saved on my Tivo which would facilitate more knitting, but I want to finish HP6 first.

In other news, this is my second day on the South Beach diet and I am trying not to be miserable. I already know that I hate low-carb but I am trying to stick it out until Friday. My hope is that doing this will force me into the habit of eating more meat and vegetables instead of filling out my meals with bread and pasta. I am a BIG baby when it comes to diets. Right now, I feel like I want to cry. I drank so much water today that I feel bloated, yet I still have the taste of Splenda in my mouth from my morning coffee. I hate salads, I'm tired of green beans, and the sight of meat is making me ill. Still, ABM and my friend at work are both being very encouraging so I don't want to wimp out.
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