22 November 2005

Did I say I wasn't knitting for Christmas?

At least I have a month's notice. The saga of the MIL's socks continues. My Vari friends know most of this story already. The short version is that the MIL went from thinking that needlework was something that only white women did to appreciating my knitting after getting a pair of handknit Wool-Ease socks from me a couple years' ago. She is a woman of few words, so I didn't know how much she loved the socks until I saw that she had worn them thin. So last year I knit her a new pair. Silly me, I assumed that when I gave the MIL a new pair of socks that she would throw out the old ones. Today I found out that not only is she still wearing the old holey socks around the house, but she is also washing and wearing the new socks every day now that it has gotten cold. At this rate, it won't be long before she wears out the new ones. If I can focus and knit quickly, perhaps I can provide her with more than one pair of socks for Christmas so that she can alternate. What pressure I put myself under!
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