21 November 2005

I Don't Like Mondays

I've got that queasy Monday feeling again. Although I talk a big game, there is no escaping the guilt. I can avoid it most of the time, but at 5a on Monday morning the guilt monster wakes me up and presents me with a list of ways that I ruined yet another weekend:

--I didn't spend much time with the kids.

--I went out with friends on Saturday and stayed gone most of the day.

--I didn't do any housework.

--I went to see a kids' movie (Harry Potter) without the kids. I didn't even tell them.

--I bought a card game, knitting magazines, and expensive chocolate truffles.

--I spent $30 on Amazon. Even though it was for a catechism book and handwriting books for the kids, I still feel guilty.

--Of course, I didn't exercise or eat right.

Usually, if I list all the things I did right this weekend it makes the feeling go away. That trick isn't working today. My face hurts and I can barely keep my coffee down. I think I should have called in sick and cleaned my house to appease the guilt monster.
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